For nearly 30 years, Chicago dentist Dr. Irene Theodore has devoted her practice to providing a comfortable, unintimidating and animated environment. While dentistry will always be a blend of science and artistry requiring a devotion to detail and craftsmanship, in our office, it always begins with a smile.

Importance of Preventive Dentistry

Routine visits to the dentist help us intercept problems in the earliest stage and promote the highest level of dental health. If we see signs of instability, we can help you avoid bigger problems down the road with conservative treatment options and techniques to maintain your oral health at home.

Dental Cleaning & Routine Exams

When you visit our Chicago dentist office, you will receive a comprehensive dental cleaning and examination. The American Dental Association recommends that children and adults have two professional dental cleanings per year. Some patients may need more frequent cleanings. Dr. Theodore will evaluate your smile and determine the hygiene schedule that is right for you. A routine exam may include:

  • Checking for tooth decay and fractures
  • Charting existing tooth conditions and restorations
  • Periodontal screening to check for signs of gum disease
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Occlusal and TMJ evaluation
  • Digital dental x-rays when needed

Preventing Gum Disease

According to The American Dental Association (ADA), 7 out of 10 adults have some form of gum disease. When left untreated, gum disease can contribute to missing teeth as well as other health concerns like diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Regular visits to Dr. Theodore's office can help to reduce the build up of plaque and tartar and prevent the spread of gum disease. Learn more about periodontal therapy

Find a Dentist in Chicago

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