A dental crown is a supportive covering which matches the existing teeth and repairs a fractured or decayed tooth. Chicago cosmetic dentist Dr. Irene Theodore offers all-porcelain tooth crowns which match the look and feel of natural teeth. Once complete, the result is a natural smile that is strong and healthy.

Dental Crown Procedure

The first step is a consultation and exam with Dr. Theodore in our Chicago dental office. This exam will help Dr. Theodore look for any underlying dental concerns and design a personalized treatment plan that will restore the tooth to optimal health and function. The dentist will inform you on the various options you have for dental crowns and help you make the best choice. Once the treatment plan is finalized, Dr. Theodore will prepare the teeth by removing a small amount of the natural tooth structure, or an existing crown, to accommodate the new restoration. A temporary, tooth-colored intermediate crown will be placed on the tooth while the final crown is being fabricated. At the delivery appointment, Dr. Theodore will try on the dental crown and secure it for a permanent fit.

Dental Crown FAQs

Is the dental crown procedure painful?
Dental crown treatment is generally pain-free. Dr. Theodore will ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout your treatment. It is normal to experience mild sensitivity following the procedure, rarely lasting more than 1 to 3 days.

How much does a dental crown cost?
The cost of a tooth crown depends on the material used, location of the tooth and specific condition of the patient. Before your treatment begins, Dr. Theodore will complete a full review of the procedure including the dental crown cost. We work with virtually all dental insurance carriers in our Chicago dentist office.

What should I do if I have a broken crown?
If you have a broken crown, please contact our Chicago dentist office for an appointment with Dr. Theodore. We try to see dental emergency patients on the same day whenever possible.