Worn teeth, broken fillings and broken teeth can all be signs of an underlying functional dental problem. Chicago dentist Dr. Irene Theodore has nearly 30 years experience working with patients who have complicated dental issues. Taking a personalized approach, Dr. Theodore will determine the underlying cause for your dental concern and create a treatment plan to restore health, beauty and function to your smile.

Treatment For Worn and Broken Teeth

The first step when solving the problem of worn or broken teeth is a comprehensive evaluation. It is critical to identify the underlying cause for the problem to ensure long lasting results. Your treatment may include one or several procedures to establish a healthy, stable bite and repair cosmetic problems. Ceramic Restorations: Ceramic restorations such as DENTAL CROWNS and PORCELAIN VENEERS can become damaged when the teeth are not properly aligned. Dr. Theodore can repair broken fillings and crowns as well as restore worn or broken teeth with new ceramic restorations. Tooth Bonding: For minor tooth chips, Dr. Theodore may recommend cosmetic tooth bonding. This is a relatively simple procedure, typically completed in a single dental visit.

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